Monday, November 23, 2009

Maizee Mundae

Mommy worked late twonite so i did thu blawg for her twoday, sew of coarse itz about mee :D
I wantid to share our toweer that mom gawt us four FREEE on Freecyle last spring...sence i hav ben thu onlee won two bee brave enuf two use it, thu pix are alll about meee YAY!!!

Hear is a fewl length pixsher two sea how big it reely iz, sea MEE wae at thu top? It haz fore wholes & sumtimez i even geet wae up on top. Mom saez itz like a silinder???

Hear i iz peekng owt of it, "i scaree tigeer hidng in cave ROWR!!!" {giggle)

And meez agin, i nawt scared of anithing>>>i iz such a brave kitteh, i wil go whare no man haz gawn befour (mom saiz itz cuz i steal yung & feerluss-she callz mee krazee maizee...)

Hear i iz swenging two thu rite,

and two thu left...

Whut? Itz time two geet down now, DARN! But yoo all hav two admit itz preety kewl huh??!! i hav other toweers i wheel shair later POL!

Mom here, HAVE to mention I had to tether that to the wall because they toppled it over @least twice and it weighs like a hundred presswood. It WAS a good deal though and Maizee sure can conquer it, but Murf still wont bite (think he's shell shocked from the topplings) even though he DID climb all over before when it was stored in the cedar closet until I found a place for it. It needs some stapling around the holes and what not, but it serves its purpose as that is where ONLY Maizee will sharpen her claws.


  1. Girls, dont be so shy and visit some other kitty blogs. It will bring more people to yours. Here is one that is friendly with us:

  2. GIRL(S)??? Oh my, I hope Murfee dont see that :O
    And we do have visit other blogs, The Bengal cats in Washington are our favorite...they even have video clips w/sound so the kittehs can hear them :)

  3. Fur Maine Coons you must have small butts to be able to fit in that tower. We can't fit in anything except the recliners and the couch. We are a daddy (age 13) and daughter (age 9) team of Maine Coons in WA. We sometimes get to write on Momma's blog at

    Your new buddies,
    Rufus and Ruby

  4. Thanks for joining us, especially since you're Maines too. Those pictures were taken awhile ago and Maizee HAS gotten bigger since but she still 'squeezes' her bum in & out of those holes. Murfee never does so I have no idea if he would even fit. You have pics of your kittehs on your blog? I will have to check it out, talk soon.