Saturday, November 14, 2009

BRRRR, itz kold hear todae!!!

It's only 52 right now even though the sun has come out...26 tomor nite. That has meant few sightings of the Maine's, as they hunker down somewhere warm & out of sight. Speaking of hunkering down, I got some new sheets (1000 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton for $34) and washed & put them on my bed along with a clean comforter>>>keep in mind I rarely 'fully' make my bed ea day. So I went about my business and when bedtime came, look who had beat me to it LOL! They were taking advantage of the rarity of mom's clean & made bed...just snoozing away. See, they really DO 'kick it' 2gether...AWWW!


  1. Nothin more comforting, then a kitty on a comforter! Aunty Mindy

  2. Just wait til you see the NEW comforter/bed set, I actually bought 2 tdy and see which matches my decor best. That's how I shop for clothes sometimes too LOL! The kittehs say HI and cant wait to see you @Xmas. Maizee keeps asking why i want her ant to visit, since they know how much i hate ants MOL!