Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bleau & Jay

We recently showed our squirrel that I feed, but I also feed 2 Bluejays that have been around for over a year. They are a 'couple' and the Mr is named Jay & the Mrs is Bleau. They come when I whistle or just shake the peanuts and I have had soooo many opportunities to catch them on film but just never did...kinda like our private moment LOL! But then Bleau disappeared after our last winter storm and I thought she was GONE...even though Jay kept coming around. Finally she showed up again last week (can tell its HER cuz shes plumper) and I figured she had probably been off tending a 'nest'. Since my friends have been around going on 2 years now I think I should start w/out further ado>>>>making his first appearance on a blog, I introduce to you our leading man and main gatherer of the peanuts (drum roll) JAY!!!

You probably have to BIGEFY the picture for a better view of my buddy, but I will try to get some better shots to share.

1 comment:

  1. We have a Mr Jay that comes around too. He sqwaks like crazy until mommy throws him a peanut.

    Sasha the Princess