Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bride of Chucky!!!

I have an old classmate of mine who also has a Maine Coon named Chucky...Crazy Chucky to his humans. He looks alot like Maizee and they are also pretty close in age, so we dubbed her his g/f>>>AKA the Bride of Chucky LOL LOL!! He is also a spitfire like Maizee AND even likes to be held upside down....see below

I rotated the picture but his head is in his dad's lap, look @his talons!

He really looks like CRAZY Chucky here, watch out...he's gonna attack!!! LOL!

Here he is shortly after he found his forever home, still just a baby AAAWWW! He was just a lil guy like Maizee but now they both have come into their own, so LOOK OUT........

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