Saturday, August 4, 2012

Giddy up Murf!

 Murfee looks like he's wearing a saddle, but no...he got shaved :(

   "Look wut they didz to me, mah backside iz BARE....i iz so expozed" 

"NO you cant ride me like a SMALL PONY, Maizee!!!" 
Him's tushy was all matted so he had to be GROOMED, his first time and he behaved so badly they couldn't even shampoo him....he pitched a fit!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WE IZ BACK, With A TALL Tale OMC!!!!

 So Maizee decided to climb her first tree last week, a 100 ft pine where she got stuck on a branch @about 35-50 feet...literally since she doesn't know how to climb DOWN. You can see her head & ears shadowed about 3/4 the way up, left of and close to the trunk.

  I tweaked the pic a bit (bigefy it) & you can see my poor kitteh's precarious situation>>>she's the dark spot amongst the pineage (word?) and on a limb just to the left of the trunk. She was petrified, as was Mama!! :O

This is MY thanks from Maizee after my boyfriend Fred (her NEW daddy) climbed up not one, but TWO ladders to finally bring her down. The fire dept, human society and police dept all wouldn't respond to Fred's frantic calls, but 8 hours later & MUCHO thanks to my neighbors who's tree it was>>>she was 'wrangled down'. OMG what a Friday night!!!

And this is HER HINEYNESS exhausted after her long and harrowing ordeal. She cried herself almost hoarse and was completely exhausted having been perched precariously for so many hours. Her little cries were so pathetic, it was heartbreaking trying to find a resolution to such an unexpected situation. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dragonfly by.....

I think there is a dragonfly that is having a love affair w/my car antenna, bright orange & so pretty. EVERY year I get the same looking one...for over 3 years & always they just love to hang out on my antenna. They don't live long so I know its not the same one. Very pretty though, or handsome if its a MALE.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A tale of a tail....

I found the cats playing w/this lovely tidbit on the mudroom rug, it was still twitching & moving around quite 'lively'...totally grossed me out. I detest reptiles and THIS was a bit too much for me...AND where was the rest of it??? Outside or INSIDE the house, now I am totally freaked out!! (to be continued...)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bleau & Jay

We recently showed our squirrel that I feed, but I also feed 2 Bluejays that have been around for over a year. They are a 'couple' and the Mr is named Jay & the Mrs is Bleau. They come when I whistle or just shake the peanuts and I have had soooo many opportunities to catch them on film but just never did...kinda like our private moment LOL! But then Bleau disappeared after our last winter storm and I thought she was GONE...even though Jay kept coming around. Finally she showed up again last week (can tell its HER cuz shes plumper) and I figured she had probably been off tending a 'nest'. Since my friends have been around going on 2 years now I think I should start w/out further ado>>>>making his first appearance on a blog, I introduce to you our leading man and main gatherer of the peanuts (drum roll) JAY!!!

You probably have to BIGEFY the picture for a better view of my buddy, but I will try to get some better shots to share.

Friday, June 24, 2011

IT'Z HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

After such a cool mild spring, summer is upon us and has REALLY heated up...much to FURRY kittehs dismay. Also being Maine's they have like '3' coats, so they tend to plop down right under the air vents>>>poor things sometimes look so lethargic LOL!

Murf all laid out, looks like he got runned over LOL!

Then he seems to come alive, you can tell that cuz YOU CAN SEE THE WHITES OF HIS TUMMIES...

AHHHHH BIG STREEEEETCH "Gawd Mawm, itz soooo dogGONE hot...pleaze flip on the AIRZ"

Monday, June 20, 2011


(Bigefy the picture to see he is POSING for Mawm MOL!)